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Tips to Search Cheap Flights to Asia That Really Works!

Who says bigger is better? In Asia, many small airlines are competing harder than ever for the traveler’s business. Some offer Asian flights for as little as US$25! This means you can see more of Asia than ever and spend less, leaving more of your vacation dollar in your pocket for entertainment, souvenirs, and even a more luxurious hotel.

But how to find these terrific deals? Forget calling a travel agent. To save the most money, you will need to do the legwork yourself. Yes, it’s a little more trouble, but the savings are worth it!


Use the internet. These Asian airlines often list internet-only specials to entice you to fly with them. Some even offer singing flight attendants, personal television screens at every seat, and wider seats for greater comfort. Singapore’s Changi Airport even has one entire terminal solely dedicated to budget and discount airlines. The prices may be small, but this is certainly not a small, niche market anymore!

Be flexible with your travel dates whenever you can. This will help you find the very best deals. Sometimes you can save a lot of money just by moving your departure by a day or two. For the very best deals, book early. One Asian airline that offers flights as low as US$25—taxes and fees included!—asks that you book ninety days in advance. Seats go fast on these super-cheap flights, so don’t expect to get a terrific last-minute deal.
Plan ahead and do your research, and you’ll be thrilled with the cheap Asian flights you can discover!

Cheap Asian Flights—How To Find Them!

Are you thinking of traveling to Asia for business or pleasure? There has never been a better time to go! Asia is home to some of the richest cultural traditions and histories on Earth, and getting there has never been easier.

In order to get the very best price for your cheap flight, be as flexible as you possibly can. Every traveler would prefer to have a non-stop flight, but you should realize that non-stop flights are usually more expensive for that very reason. If you can handle making one or two stops along the way, you could save hundreds of dollars on your round trip plane ticket.

If your heart is set on that non-stop ticket, consider driving to the nearest international hub airport rather than trying to fly from your smaller, local airport. If you live in Texas, drive to Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston. On the west coast, look to Los Angeles International. On the east coast, JFK and Boston are international hubs. This means that a wider variety of international flights leaves from these airports every day, and that they are a major port of entry into the United States. You will find a better variety of non-stop flights and lower airfares if you are able to fly from one of these international hubs.

Also, the day of the week has a greater impact on the price of your ticket than you might expect. Some week days are busier than others, and this higher demand leads to higher airfare prices. If you are flexible with your travel dates, you can save a lot of money with very little inconvenience.

Take Advantage of Sales On Cheap Asian Flights

When you are planning a trip to Asia, you may have to save up for months to be able to afford a plane ticket. Cheap flights are not something that are easy to come by. However, you can find good deals if you continuously look for them. The first thing you need to do is figure out if your dates are flexible. Often times you can find the best deals when your dates are flexible. For instance, if you must travel on the 4th, you are not flexible. However, if you can travel anytime from the 4th through the 11th, you may be able to get a better deal.

One way you can get a good bargain is to take advantage of the cheap flights within asia that go on sale with each airline. Each airline will often have sales on their overseas flights because they are so expensive usually. This will allow them to fill up their overseas flights when people don’t usually fly much. During certain times of the year, you can find flights at much cheaper rates through airlines. Check their website frequently or even call them to ask about any sales coming up.

Buying your tickets early or at the last minute might also qualify you for cheap cheap flights to southeast asia via an airline. Some airlines like to fill their flights as early as possible, offering deals to those who book months in advance. Others will pack their empty seats at discounted rates if you purchase at the last minute.

Saving Your Flyer Points For Asian Flights

Are you a member of a frequent flyer points program? Most people who travel often are a member of some traveling program that will allow them to gather points from travel purchases around the world. When they reach a specific amount of points, they can then trade them in for free flights, or discounts. When you are looking for cheap flights to Asia, it can be important to check into your frequent flyer program to see if you qualify for something.

Even if you don’t qualify for an entire ticket to Asia, you might be able to get a discount of some sort, leaving you with cheap flights to Asia to consider. Some programs will allow you to trade a certain amount of points for a specific discount. Some are 10% off, while others are more. When you are buying an expensive ticket to Asia, even a 10% discount can mean a hundred dollars or so.

So, to get the best deals on cheap flights to Asia, be sure to check on your frequent flyer program to see what you can do. If you have never cashed any points in, you might even get a free ticket! Of course, if you are traveling in a group, you might not be able to get discounts for everyone in your party. In addition, remember that some frequent flyer programs will only let you use your points during certain dates. Most of them will not allow you to use them during high travel times, such as major holidays.

Get A Great Deal On Airlines flying to Asia!

Are you traveling to Asia soon for business or pleasure? Then now is the time to start your search for a cheap flight! There are some great deals out there, but you need to search often and book early to get the very best value. The old rule of thumb about booking your flight at least two weeks in advance is outdated—to get the best deals now, you should book two months, if not more, before your trip so that you can get great deals from various airlines flying to Asia.

Getting from the United States to the Asian nation of your choice is easy. The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding a terrific cheap flight! Many websites exist to help you find the perfect flight for your schedule and preferences, and at great discounts, too. Some airlines offer web-only discounts that aren’t even available to travel agents, so you can truly find the best deal right from your desk chair!

If you are able to be flexible with your arrival and departure dates, you can save hundreds of dollars on a round-trip ticket. Sometimes an adjustment of only a single day makes quite a difference. Most airline reservation systems and airfare search websites have an option you can select for flexible travel dates. Click it and watch the savings add up. You will also find the best airfares if you are flexible with the time of your flight. A round trip ticket leaving at noon often costs more than one leaving at 6am.

Saving Money For Cheap Flights

If an Asian getaway looks like something you would love to do in the future, you might have cheap Asian flights on your mind. Before you start looking for those cheap Asian flights, you may want to think about saving money for the trip. Many people will start saving money months before they plan to travel. Here are some tips for saving money for vacation.

Use A Jar:  If you store your vacation money for cheap Asian flights in your checking account or savings account, you will always see it there. This can mentally allow you to spend this money. After all, you won’t spend what you don’t see. So, storing your money in a jar or in an account that you rarely check up on is the best idea. This will allow you to save the money without spending it, especially if you have a bad habit of doing so.

Budget Your Money: A great way to be sure you are saving as much as you can is to create a budget. Instead of eating out every night a week, make a deal with yourself. Allow yourself to eat out twice a week and take the extra money you would be spending from eating out every other night and deposit it into your savings place. This will help you realize that you often need to make sacrifices in order to have things you want, like vacations. Saving this way is a great way to easily and quickly find money in your budget for cheap Asian flights and travel accommodations.

Fly To Asia Now With These Cheap Airfares!

Flying has never been better. Airlines are competing hard for your business, and their falling prices prove it. Now is the perfect time to take that trip to Asia you’ve always dreamed about. Read on to discover how to find the very best deal for your money!

Being flexible is the key to saving a lot of money. You would be surprised how much difference it can make to move your flight even a day or two! Airlines, just like highways, have ‘peak’ travel times, and you will pay more to fly during these days. However, choosing a flight that leaves on a typically ‘slower’ day of the week, such as mid-week flights, can save you hundreds of dollars off your ticket price.

This also applies to the departure times of your flights. You can save money by flying either very early or very late in the day, and you’ll find shorter lines at the ticket counters and security check points as well! Overnight flights are especially desirable for overseas travel, since you will often be able to sleep during the flight and reduce your jet lag during your trip. Rather than spending a day or two acclimating to the new time zone, you can get right out and enjoy Asia—talk about getting more for your money!

Finally, skip the travel agent. No matter how low an agent’s commission is, it is still extra money that you don’t have to spend. Save it for your Asian vacation!

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